Welcome to the Specialist Group in Tectonics and Structural Geology,
Geological Society of Australia
Biennial conference

SGTSG in the Snowies
Arrive SUNDAY 2nd February 2014
Depart SATURDAY Thredbo 8th February 2014

Field trip
Departs Thredbo early on Saturday 8th February. Arrives Canberra Monday 10th February

i) Use the red buttons to register and pay online before arrival
ii) You must arrange and pay for your own accommodation
iii) Be sure you have paid for and/or booked to be on the field trip

More information

Don't bring your own vehicle to the conference unless you want to pay an additional $16/day to the National Parks. Private vehicles are not permitted on the post-conference field trip.

Arrive early in Canberra. First bus departs at 11am. Issues - let us know - now.

REMEMBER - Friday night is the conference dinner and this is included in registration costs.
There are no buses back to Canberra until early Saturday morning.